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Growth in the now

New York, New York - big City of dreams!

Many people don't live in the now. That's why they are dreaming rather than doing.

They find themselves in the process of striving for more in the future instead of being complete with every step of the now. Perhaps, they are just doing, or maybe they are trapped in their day to day lives. A lot of people have not yet started BEING. Doing and dreaming are both nothing without BEING.

How do I transform my life towards more consciousness? Is my journey to become a better actor, partner, daughter and friend or is that too simplistic? I am naturally curious and open. So, when I left my apartment in New York City after one week of being sick with non-stop migraines and food poisoning, I became excited at the prospect of connecting with others again.This girl was ready to be social!

My feet led me to the L train platform and midtown was the destination. Ready to connect with open eyes and an open heart, I suddenly felt a sobering of emotion -frustration crept in as I observed people around me, unwilling to connect but instead trapped and caged by the content in their cell phones


New York's trains are not the most reliable so I had a lot of time to think and reflect.

In this moment, I decided not to give frustration any room to fester. My soul exclaimed --I am not waiting, I am enjoying myself in the joy in my-SELF!

That was a moment of recalibration where spiritual teachings reconciled within me and where I felt oneness with everything. At that moment, I understood the importance of the present without understanding it with my mind. There was nothing lacking in this moment.

Ever since I observed myself, when my thoughts and feelings become negative and repetitive, I treat them like text messages. The same way I was just distracted by my Mom's message, I recognise it, give it attention, and let it go. As the gatekeeper to incoming thoughts, I can control my here and now. And instead of identifying myself with that thought, I'm present

These thoughts can happen in various life situations. For instance an argument with a friend or a day where you start comparing yourself to others thinking " I am not as good as X, Y, or Z, or I should have accomplished more."

I am breaking this pattern by being more than my thoughts. This is what makes me a better friend and a better actress. I start by being present when interacting with my partner/friend as opposed to becoming absorbed by my thoughts, I hear him/her without any interpretation or projection from my past or future ideas.

Simply be, observe, take in and don't interpret. Watch your patterns and find peace in being in the now.

Have a good day.

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